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Idaho Trailheads Episode 5

I have a new schedule that is soon to be in effect. I decided to get on top of it by adjusting my body early. The new schedule is 04:45 to 10:00 in the morning. i haven't done very well at waking that early but for a good hike… I'll do almost anything.

This hike is called Kinport Peak via City Creek

You can find it on the AllTrails app here:

You can also watch the full Idaho Trailhead episode here:

When I got out there, it was pitch black. All you could see was my headlights.

I began my hike at 6:30 am - Tuck by my side, headlamp on my head, GoPro in hand, and lots of courage to get me through the dark.

Was it a little spooky with how dark it was? Yes. Was I scared an animal might appear? Yes. But with my mighty machete, I can conquer anything! Okay maybe I'm a little too confident.

I came across a bench that had a special message from a young "Thomas Mario Lance"


"If you see clouds hailing, raining or moving


Rain spinning, hitting or twisting

You can bet

I'll be waiting, listening or watching…"

Thomas Mario Lance

Such a beautiful message. The bench itself is sat looking at the path surrounded by trees with currently orange leaves, soon to be no leaves. Just on the other side of the path is a creek which is just perfect distance to listen to if you need a good rest on you hike.

Sunset started to rise at around 7:50.

The sunrise had pink, orange, and blue. I loved it.

While I was watching sunrise, I took a wrong turn. More like Tuck lead me down a wrong turn. We started heading directly up the hill which I thought was a good sign but I checked AllTrails and saw we were heading the wrong direction.

I quickly turned around and got back on the correct path. Without a guide how would we ever stay on the right path??

I became self conscious about my breathing.

The path began to be more steep.

I talk about how hiking calms my mind.

we finally begin to summit the mountain and begin to see sun

I will admit, I got a little emotional as we reached this point. This is the highest point I've ever personally gained by foot (1800~ feet)

I have health drawbacks that don't always make it easy for me. My chest is slightly concaved and sometimes I feel like it's hard to breath. So a hike reaching to this height made me feel as though I was finally making progress to beat my the doubt I have in myself.

I finally felt as though I had reached new heights (haha pun intended). This was a new milestone for my mental and physical goals.

Another goal I've had is to eat and drink on top of a mountain. The type of top where there is nothing else around you and you can see for miles. I did that too.

I enjoyed a good ole Muscle Milk while watched the horizon.

At this point I had hiked for almost 3 miles from 6:30 am to 8:15 am. I still had to hike down obviously but that's where I'll leave this post. On a beautiful memory.

A milestone.


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